Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender pay gap report

October 2021

Calculation in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Woman hourly rate is:

Mean pay gap            2.5%                 higher

Median pay gap        61.6%               higher

Woman bonus pay is:

No bonuses were paid.

Pay quartiles by gender               Woman               Man

Lower quartile                                    0%                   100%             

Lower middle quartile                         22%                 78%             

Upper middle quartile                          50%                50%

Upper quartile                                     25%                75%

The business retains its family-owned and managed structure.  The male proportion of the business senior management significantly outweighs the female, and consequently leads to a gender pay gap directly as a result of the family dynamics.  For as long as the organisation remains family-managed, this can only be addressed as part of a long term strategy for change.

It remains significant that, excluding the Board members, there is no discernible gender pay gap within the organisation.


Karen O'Rourke
Head of Finance
Whittlebury Hall and Spa Ltd