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Whittlebury Weddings 2024: Unveiling This Year's Trends with Janine, Head of Weddings and Special Events

Celebrate Led Weddings: Crafting Personalized Moments

In 2023, celebrant weddings gained momentum, and I predict an even greater surge in 2024. Couples are seeking a more intimate and personalised ceremony, drawing inspiration from celebrity unions. The trend of intimate registry weddings followed by a personal ceremony and celebration resonates with many, offering a unique reflection of the couple's journey. Celebrant Led Ceremonies allow couples the flexibility to weave their narrative, creating a truly bespoke experience.

Colourful Wedding Themes: A Palette of Vibrancy

The allure of colour themes continues to captivate couples, with 2023 seeing the revival of cornflower blue and peach. While dusky pinks and sage green retain their popularity, I anticipate the rise of alternative hues like striking blue hydrangeas and peach peonies.

Flowers that will flourish at this year’s Weddings

Speaking of flowers blossoming, our partnering florist, Charlotte from Charlotte Ayre Floral Design, sees a shift towards bright and lively colour palettes. Pink, in all its shades from cerise to blush, will take centre stage as the most sought-after colour this year. The classic combination of blush pinks with sage green remains popular, creating a harmonious feast for the eye. Texture plays a pivotal role in 2024's wedding floristry, with thistles, succulents, pampas grass, dried flowers, and various foliage gaining unprecedented popularity. Oversized centrepieces add the WOW factor to ceremonies and receptions, with a pronounced focus on large installations, centrepieces, arches, and hanging ceiling designs. Charlotte says that the key is to artfully blend different textures and heights to craft unique, eye-catching designs.

Wedding Weekenders: Embracing Extended Celebrations

Why limit the celebration to a single day? Wedding Weekenders seem to be a key trend for 2024, allowing couples and guests to revel in the joy of love over an entire weekend. Whittlebury Park, with its picturesque setting, becomes not only the ideal wedding venue but a hub for pre-wedding dinners, spa stays, golf rounds, and breakfast gatherings with guests. This extended celebration ensures cherished moments with family and friends, creating unforgettable memories.

As the Head of Weddings and Special Events, I find immense joy in guiding couples from their initial ideas through the planning stages to witnessing the grand I Do’s on their big day. Working in this beautiful venue adds the perfect touch to my 9-5 routine, making each wedding a unique and rewarding experience.
In 2024, Whittlebury Weddings will as always, be about love, creativity, and couples starting their next chapter of life off with a wedding day to remember.

Best wedding wishes,

Janine Hunt – Head of Weddings and Special Events

For further enquiries, please contact Janine at or call on 01327 857857

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